Monday, November 07, 2005

A fine day for ugly houses...

Today I put Houses of Hawk Run Hollow on rotation. I've had this one on the back burner for a while... a long while.

I have a stitching pal who claims I am much too fascinated with ugly houses and ugly birds. She may be right... but I don't think the houses of HoHRH are ugly at all.

Morbid... yes. Ugly... no. I love the verse on this design... it's so... final... so morbid... Of course... when I add my bit to the verse... it'll add a touch of humour to it, too. I hope!

I bought my fabric a bit bigger... I have plans to add another three panels to the far right side of the design and add some motifs and a verse of my own. I can never really leave things just as I see them...
*big grin*

I'm stitching this on 32 ct. Belfast, hand-dyed from Silkweaver Fabrics . It's from the Classics line, the colour is Heritage.

I'm using silk floss from Vicky Clayton. It's fantastic... the colour is vibrant and the feel of the silk is luxurious... I feel so spoiled...

I plan on getting started on this as soon as my DD sets off for school. That poor child is sick again and I've got to make an appointment for her to see the Gastroenterologist.

All I need to get started is a nice, steaming mug of coffee... Fully caffeinated, of course, or my morning will not begin until noon.

Gevalia... take me away!

I should be posting an updated photo of ATS this evening, too. I didn't accomplish my goals for the week, but at least I worked on it.

I'll post a photo of HoHRH at the end of the first rotation. Wish me luck!

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