Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is Cross Stitch a "dying" Art?

Is Cross Stitch a "dying" art?

Frankly... I'm appalled at the question. The simple crossing of stitches has existed since the beginning of time... it's been snubbed and shunned... improved upon and modified... it's been called too simple and too ornate.

And now some have proclaimed it dead.

Why? To allow for a cycle of new crafts no doubt... Knitting seems to be the Flavour of the Month right now... but, yesterday, it was scrapbooking! Tomorrow? Who knows... But even as these crafts take their turn in the spotlight, we continue to cross our stitches and count our blessings.

Let none despise the criss cross row...

I saw that on an old sampler chart once and oh, the meaning it has for me!

I am tired of the snobbery involved in Needlework these days... the needlepointers who look down their noses at cross stitchers... the linen snobs who refute those who stitch with aida...

Mary Monica (Monica Ferris) describes this snobbery well in her book, Unraveled Sleeve, set at a stitcher's retreat in Minnesota. She nailed it.

Maybe that snubbing of each other's talents is lending itself to the theory that stitching is a dying art -- we're eating each other alive.

It's a shame.

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