Monday, November 22, 2010

Turning the Corner

Today, I am, quite literally turning the corner...

I've turned the final corner on No Hearth like your own Hearth -- I am so very close to a finish -- just two years in the making!

When I finish this piece, I will have turned another corner -- it will mark my 3rd finish for 2010. That's three times as many as I had in 2009.

A 22-month stitching slump. Very depressing considering my output from the preceding years.

I pray I never go thru another slump like that.

I'm hoping to reach 5 finishes for the year. But I'm not going to stress it. I'm literally taking it one stitch at a time these days.

Will post an update when I finish!

What comes after? Salem Sisters II and Rain Rain -- those are the two I hope to complete by New Year's Eve -- wish me luck!



Lili said...

looks great!
happy stitching :)

Lana said...

Great progress!!! Hey, three finishes is great!!! I've had years like that...mostly because I get startitis, and end up with 20 half finished projects and no finishes! LOL