Friday, November 19, 2010

HAPPY DANCE! Blue Mountain Bunny!

This is my Blue Mountain Bunny from The Sweetheart Tree.

The fabric is a Silkweaver 'solo' -- and the thread is Vikki Clayton's HDF (silk) Lavender & Rose.

The photo is terrible -- taken from Mike's cell phone. The colours are actually quite vibrant.

It is a very quick stitch -- three days off and on.

Now, I'm wondering which project to pick up next for another 'quick' finish: No Hearth, Salem Sisters II, or Rain Rain. I think No Hearth might be easiest and fastest to finish as it's all one-colour stitching and probably less than 1000 stitches left.

I would LOVE to have at least 4 finishes for this year. Hopeful, I am.

Stay tuned!


karmyl said...

Wow - Cute & quick finish. I need to get back to stitching.

Raggedy Ann said...

now THIS is pretty :)

Have a great weekend!

Louise in FL

Karen said...

I'm hopping over from the 123 this finish. Can't wait to have a look around.

Happy stitching...

Kim said...

Very Pretty, I love the colors :)