Saturday, June 21, 2008

Uhm... This one is not my fault.

I had no intention of starting anything new last night. In fact, I was searching for a conversion list for Coffee Menu when I found this pattern.

Of course, I wanted to stitch it, so I thought I'd just Kit it up and get it ready to go. I found a small Silkweaver solo and a really pretty new silk from Vikki Clayton called Old Maid of the Heart.

I was lost.

I started stitching... and here's what I've done so far... I'll probably have it finished by tomorrow.
The name of this free design is Tea Time with Max. It's from La Chaelaine Designs and you can find it here:

So... you do see, don't you, that this is Vikki's fault entirely. I'm just an innocent bystander caught in her evil silken web...

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