Monday, March 24, 2008

More goodies...

I've been on a stash-buying spree. No doubt about that. It's my reward for having over 20 finishes last year... among other things.
I'm having fun with this, too. I'm ordering some things to make me smile and keep me stitching. That's the most important thing -- to keep that needle moving.

Today, from 123Stitch, I received the following:
Captain's Inn (Little House Needleworks), Birds of a Feather (Homespun Elegance), and Friends Forever (La-D-Da).

I'm still waiting on my fabric from Silkweaver -- but I know that the owner's family has some health-related issues, so I'm in no big hurry for it.

I have some more silks and a D-bag coming from Vikki Clayton this week.

Of course... I've got my cart loaded up at 123Stitch... ;)

Right now, I'm off to work on Adagio for a little while, if my damn sinus headache will ease up long enough for me to concentrate.

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