Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

A very Happy Easter to all. I hope your day has been Blessed.

We went to the mid-morning Mass and it was such a lovely service. It's been a gorgeous day here in Southeast Georgia -- bright sunshine and cool, soothing breezes.

We're having a fairly traditional Southern Easter Dinner tonight. We've got Navy beans cooking up in the crockpot, a brown-sugar glazed baked ham, rice, green beans, and hot-buttered biscuits.

Sounds like a lot of food? Not really... there are five for dinner tonight... and we're planning on leftovers!

I've been stitching today, too. I'm working on Adagio -- I've got the entire border stitched up know and it's coming along quite nicely.

Tomorrow... I really need to get back to Elizabeth and TLS. I didn't work on that one at all this past week.

I'm hoping my fabric from Silkweaver arrives soon. I ordered Days Gone By 32 ct. linen. I really want to get started on Salem Sisters II. I've got the silks ready to go. I'm using the same colour silk and fabric as I did for the original Salem Sisters.

Ah, time to put the rice and biscuits on. The ham and beans are almost done.


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