Friday, February 15, 2008

Spool Heaven and a special treat!

I'm in Spool Heaven. I got 4 more spools of Vikki Clayton's silks last evening. There are two variegated greens, one variegated blue, and one variegated rust. Plus three skeins each of premium Pava Abalone & Old Maid of the Heart.

I really want to do Just Nan's Winter Blues in variations of Vikki's blues. I think it'll look so nice -- I plan on using Silkweaver's Sudden Storm linen.

The photo you see above is my DD's friend. I taught her to stitch using a DMC Mentor kit a little over a year ago. As you can see (hopefully) by the picture she's now stitching on linen. It's Cork linen -- so the holes are large and easy for her. She's doing a Celtic Knot with a single strand of Watercolours from The Caron Collection.
She's also working on Thistle Manor for her Mom.

She's quite a talented stitcher and I'm very proud of her progress.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the postman -- I should be getting more stash this afternoon. I hope so anyway.

Not that I'm going to get much, if any, stitching done this weekend.
Tomorrow is a gathering of the Coastal Scottish Society and we're doing a potluck dinner. Haggis will be served, of course. Soup and stovies... pasty... toasties... you name it, we'll have it. Clootie Dumpling if we're lucky and maybe Tablet. too.
That's spells no stitching for me. I know I won't be able to do any whilst watching Daytona on Sunday. Tried that before and nearly stabbed myself to death. Not cool.
Ah, Mike is calling... gotta run!

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