Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stitching... Surveying... Writing...

My DH, Mike, is a Registered Land Surveyor. He is also my biggest supporter / enabler. He says that keeping me in stitches is what keeps us off FOX News and the Dr. Phil show... but that's beside the point.
I think.

He was reading one of his professional magazines tonight and pointed out a very interesting article called A Surveyor Married to a Writer.

January, 2008 -- Gigglebytes, page 46

It's a very neat article from a fellow Land Surveyor in Georgia who's long-suffering wife took up a hobby: Writing Christian Romance fiction novels.

He's her biggest fan, you can tell, and he's very proud of her accomplishments.
Proud enough to write and publish an article about her in a magazine that has absolutely nothing to do with writing romance novels but everything to do with deep understanding and knowledge about one's craft and pride in one's work.

Her name is Cindy Woodsmall and you can find her website here:

It makes me feel good to know that Mike read that article and wanted to share it with me. He knew I'd get a big kick out of it.

Last year, I shared with Mike the "Letter" from the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow Homeowners Association to Melissa ( )
He got a helluva kick out of it (and ragged me for days at my own unfinished HoHRH!) -- and proceeded to tell me, in Surveyor's terms, what was wrong with the layout of the "neighbourhood". He seems to think the whole thing is in a flood zone and we'd never get a FEMA Flood Certificate.

Mike knows that I blog -- and don't all of us consider ourselves writers to some extent? He knew I'd come here and tell others about this woman who took her hobby one step beyond.

Many needleworkers do the same with our craft. We branch off into working at or opening our own shops... we design (some with more talent and success than others -- but that's true in all endeavours)... or we simply branch off from simple designs to the most intricate pieces.

Some of us are blessed with families that offer us support, some not. And I am heartily sorry for those needleworkers who's families and friends don't give them that support. I can't imagine it.

So, here's to the Husbands (and Wives) who stand beside us, encouraging and enabling, orts clinging to their shirts... needles stuck in toes... and stash arriving daily.

Here's to you, Mike. Thank you. For everything.

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