Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last update before finishing!

I'm almost finished with Megan Fletcher. Almost. I'd have been done but Mike and I played hookey and took off roamin' about this afternoon.
We had fun, though, so it was definitely time well spent.

I did the 5th band in Needle Necessities #126 Mulled Wine. I also put my DD's name and 2008 on the bottom rather than the name "Megan".

Speaking of Needle Necessities -- I am really sorry that they've gone out of business. I haven't tried the "replacement" floss, Threadworx, yet. I hope the quality and the variety remain the same.

I ordered three more charts (I'm on a roll!) today:
Doxology Sampler -- Margaret & Margaret
Pretty in Pink -- BrightNeedle
Savannah Sampler -- BrightNeedle
Three down -- 34 to go!

On a bit of a sour note, I ran over to Wally World this afternoon and searched for floss baggies -- no such luck. So tomorrow, I get to drive to the other end of nowhere to buy them at AC Moore. Lovely.

I'm rather disappointed that I'll only have one finish to show for January. But I hit a no-stitch zone in the early days that did me in.

Now... I may need to amend that. IF -- big if -- I can finish Megan Fletcher early enough... I may be able to finish a small freebie before Midnight!

We'll see.

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