Saturday, December 29, 2007

Skewed plans...

I had been hoping to work on St. Georges since finishing Bethlehem / Three Kings. No such luck. I came down with some sort of post-Christmas crud that just left me wiped out.

Today, I actually feel human again. Don't know if I feel like stitching though.

I got a nice surprise when I finished B/TK, I have enough of the Embers to use for The Sampler House.

It looks like I may have enough of the Holly Berry left over from SG to use on the Celtic Heart. It pays to over-estimate!

I'm going to grab a water and sit down with Saint Georges for a while -- hoping I can get some real work done on it today.

WOW! Hard to believe... another Christmas come and gone and the New Year just hours away now.
Where does the time go?

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