Monday, November 12, 2007

Stitching Time

I was able to get in a few uninterrupted hours of stitching late in the evening (Sunday).

I worked on Sonata while Mike and I watched Amazing Race and Little People, Big World.

I've come to the annoying conclusion that I'm going to run out of the WDW Foliage. So, I'm going to have to use that a bit more sparingly. Hopefully, I'll have just enough to finish the piece.

I found a WIP that I'd put aside and completely forgot about, too. It's Drawn Thread's Christmas Cheer. I'd started the piece back in June, I think. How it got put away for so long, I don't know.
I found the chart pack, the buttons, and the fabric... but no silk. The worst part was checking back thru the blog until I found a post about it -- and realized I was using silk from Vikki Clayton's Detritus Bags. Lovely.

I had NO idea what colour I'd used for the border -- luckily, Mike found my floss baggies in another box and we matched the colour.
I worked on that piece for about an hour or so before dinner.

As soon as I find my missing black linen -- I'll start If the Broom fits... -- that's another SAR that I need to finish and move on to the next stitcher.

I wonder, sometimes, if I will ever get back to And The Sinned and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Not to mention finally getting started on Elizabeth & The Lavender Sky and Scottish Castle Sampler.

I need another Happy Dance. And some rum.

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