Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lost and found...

Whilst searching for a piece of fabric on which to do a La-D-Da freebie, I found a small Just Nan project that I'd started several years ago -- probably over 5 years ago.

The beads, floss, and fabric are all together still. I haven't quite figured out why I started then stopped working in it. I'm going to try to work on it today or tomorrow and see if it's something I want to finish.

I was on a big Just Nan kick for a while -- collecting rather than stitching, however. Now... well... band samplers don't hold the same appeal to me that they did several years ago.

I still want to do JN's Lady Scarlett's Journey, Gillyflower Grace, Blueberry Hill, Larkspur Lane and one of the Halloween designs -- I have all the accessories for it.

I'll probably sell or trade the other designs.

Isn't it funny how time and space can change one's taste in needlework? I suppose it's because time changes everything else that influences a person and her outlook on life.

A Little over a year ago, I felt tugged in too many directions. Try to please this person... try not to offend that person... try to "make nice" with another all for someone else's whims and wishes.
Thankfully, those days are past.
To quote the late Roy Williamson, "Those days are past now, and in the past, they must remain".

Strange, how one small unfinished project can bring into bas relief the positive changes made over such a short period of time.

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