Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall's made it, finally!

It turned cold last night! We woke up to 41 degrees this morning! We have to change the filter out before turning on the heat but I see that coming soon as Mike and Morgan are both cold-blooded creatures (I think that's it -- they don't like to be cold.)

I love cold weather -- the colder and drearier it is, the better for me. I can get a hot mug of coffee, the LoTR movies, and my stitching and be happy all winter long.

The photo above is my daughter and her boyfriend just before the Homecoming Dance last night. Notice, her dress is sleeveless. She did have a velvet wrap but she was freezing when she got home!

I found a perfect piece of linen for the La-D-Da freebie, A Rose is a Rose. It's a piece of 28 ct. Apple Blossom that I got from Maureen at The Heart's Content several years ago. I'm using Vikki Clayton's silks rather than the GAST that the floss key suggests.

It's a quick stitch -- I should have it finished by tonight. Barring any unforeseen incidents. (*Fingers crossed*)

After this one, however, I MUST get back to both Sonata and Bethlehem / Three Kings. Especially Sonata as that's one of my group's SARs.
So, without further ado... I'm off to stitch!

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