Sunday, October 21, 2007

I seem to have misplaced...

My stitching mojo. I can't find it anywhere. Two more days and it'll be three months since I did any meaningful stitching.
Damned if I don't do this every year. I just put my stitching down for a "quick" break and it takes months to get going again.

Now, realistically, I do have 16 finished for the year and that's not bad at all. I'd like to have 20 by year's end but that's a goal fading fast.

Also, I didn't start Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky on time. And that project is due by next August for my DD's 16th birthday. Also, I still have two huge projects to get done: And They Sinned & Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I won't even get into The Scottish Castle Sampler right now.

I have two SARs (Stitch Arounds) to finish up and pass on to the next stitcher. I'm quite sure they're ready to strangle me with my own floss.

So, why am I here bitching and moaning and not in the living room stitching? I dunno.

Can anyone please send some of their mojo? I need it!

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