Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stitching Away!

I worked on Their Song on Saturday. I finished the first two rows of lettering and now I'm working on the first set of Blackbirds.

I found the neatest colour for the Blackbirds: It's a spool of premium silk from Vikki Clayton. Not sure if the colour ever had a name but it's a variegated dark mauve and medium dark blue. And it is Perfect! It fits in so well with the Fire Dragon that I used for the lettering.

I have my reds picked out. One is on a spool and the other came from one of Vikki's detritus bags.

I really hope to finish this one soon.

I also have decided not to worry about the previously stated goals for this month. I want to stitch what I want to stitch and everything else be damned.

I've also picked out my next "medium-sized" project: Just Nan's Strawberry Summer. Instead of the suggested AVAS, I'm going to talk to Vikki about a conversion to her premium silk.

I may do JN's Winter Blues the same way. Only I'll get Vikki to help me with a variegated blue silk -- and not worry about a whole bunch of blues.

In the meantime, it's back to needle and floss for me. I want to work on St. Georges for a while today.

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