Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beautiful Sunday Morning!

It's gorgeous outside this morning! Hot... very hot... but still gorgeous! The sun is bright and the sky is clear and I feel like stitching!

I discovered late last night that I may be running low on the GAST Sable for the Tree of Life. I hope not -- it would take at least a week for me to get any new GAST.

I started thinking last night that I really shouldn't have deleted all of the progress pics I took of ATS since I started stitching -- the smart thing would've been to keep the photos and print them out to keep with the framed piece.

I should've kept a better record of the changes to the colours, too. I've used Needle Necessities a few times... other colours of GAST...
I don't know that I can go back now and remember for sure all the changes I did make.

When I start on my DD's Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky, I'm going to start a blog just for it. I think I'll post progress pics... "talk" to my DD about things as I'm stitching... and then print it out and put it in a binder for her to read. I know I won't have it done for her 15th BD in August -- so it's in planning for her 16th BD in 2008.

I already have the fabric, the silks (Vikki Clayton's), and the chart -- all I need is time and the will to start stitching!
Oh, I took the chart and had it enlarged -- VERY LARGE -- so that I can highlight it. I wish I'd had my ATS enlarged to that degree, too!

ATS: I will be so happy when page one is done. I "started" this about three years ago. If you can call it a 'start'. I did the topmost vine and one angel -- then put it down for a year. Then I did a few leaves on each side, and the two staffs -- then put it down for a year.

Not a good start at all. Everything else, I've done over the past 6 months. And this, of course, is in addition to Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, A New Beginning, and everything else I finished!

I really better not complain -- I am working on it!

I do look forward to page two, though. I like alphabets -- I'm busily trying to decide if I'm going to use Vilma's suggested colour or switch to something else.

Right now, I'm going to go take advantage of the quiet of the house and stitch as I wait for the race to come on. No baseball until 8:00 tonight and I may go back to work on Bethlehem / Three Kings.
That'll depend on how much more I have to go on page one of ATS, though!

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