Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No stitching this week -- *sigh*

Good intentions be damned. I haven't stitched this week at all. Mike caught a bug on Sunday and generously shared it with me. I kept going back to bed and haven't accomplished anything -- except washing two loads of laundry.

This morning, I feel better and hope to work on Crowned Heart for a couple of hours and then tonight give Quaker Garden Sampler some attention. I'm going to hold off on And They Sinned until I feel a lot better.

I finally received my Flax Belfast linen for Victoria's Quaker. I have the silk in hand (thank you, Vikki!) and I can start it as soon as Crowned Heart and QGS are finished!

I received Blackbird Designs' Their Song and the fabric for that a couple days ago -- now I just have to convert the floss to HDF and await arrival of the silks.

I've completely ignored Houses of Hawk Run Hollow this month. I can't decide of I want to put it back in rotation in June or try to finish up ATS before returning to it.

Decisions... too many to make at this hour before I've had my coffee. Besides... everytime I decide I WON'T do something -- I end up having to backtrack and I do it anyway.

I think this Leaving it up to Chance rotation is working out best for me right now, anyway!

I've upped my finishing goals for the year to 15. I've got eight finished so far and numbers 9 & 10 are really not too far behind. I will admit, though, that the freebie I'm working on now -- the afore-mentioned Crowned Heart -- has an over-one area that I didn't notice until I began stitching it.
It's okay -- over-one is no problem -- It's just going to take a bit longer to stitch it than I'd planned.

Okay... enough chatting... I feel well enough to stitch, so that's what I'm going to go do!

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