Monday, May 07, 2007

My weekly stitching goals: May 7 - 13

It's Monday! Needles still smokin' from a weekend of non-stop stitching??? Don't quit now -- let's keep it up 'til the sun goes down then stitch some more!*

No Stitching on Saturday for me... too busy at the Games, too tired after!
I stitched for about 3 hours on Crowned Heart last night!
I want to finish page one of And They Sinned by Friday.
I want to work on Quaker Garden Sampler this weekend (if not sooner)
I really want to start Salem Sisters!
Still praying for more rain!
My Braves won yesterday -- Beat the Dodgers 6 - 4!!!
A full week of Braves home games -- YIPPEE!
Managing to blog at least 3 times per week
Looking forward to the upcoming Georgia GTG and shopping spree!

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