Monday, April 02, 2007


I really dislike Mondays. It's the day I have to run all of the necessary errands and shop for groceries. It's the day I generally don't get any time to stitch, too.

To top this particular Monday off -- I still have a sinus infection and all the joy that brings: headache, dry eyes, earache...

I did something to make Mike happy -- I bought angel food cake and fresh strawberries for him. We're having honey-baked ham and cornbread for dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I only have about 1/2 of the lower body of House #2 left -- don't know if I'll be able to stitch tonight. The headache won't quit and I'm not going to risk making it worse .

I have to go thru my fabric again -- I am just not satisfied with any fabric I've gotten out for Salem Sisters so far.

I ordered the Miracle Mint for Victoria's Quaker from 123 Stitch . I love the colour. I think I'll probably use the silk colours that the chart suggests. They're all beautiful. This design was created specifically for and as a tribute to Vikki Clayton. It's charted for Vikki's silks . And it is a gorgeous design! The smaller motifs can be stitched separately (I'm working on the small stitcher now) as pin-keeps, biscornu, scissor fobs, all kinds of needlework smalls.

I gathered all of the materials for Mike's Lighthouse today, too. This is an easy stitch -- will work up fairly quickly, too. Maybe... since it's a bit "cheerier" -- I'll work on it tonight and leave the house until tomorrow.

A word of special thanks to my pals Sue and Irene, too! Sue re-united me with Bent Creek's Flowers in The Springtime -- it's the design I stitched for Mike on our... let's see... 14th anniversary. I've also stitched this for a couple that Mike knew from work. I'm planning to stitch it for Mike's oldest DD's wedding in September. After I stitched it for Mike -- I gave it to someone else -- and regretted losing it.

And Irene, she sent me some Treasure Braid -- all the way from England!

Thank you, my friends! Your kindness is very appreciated!

Hopefully, Mike and our DD will be home soon. She had a meeting at school tonight about the Chorus trip to Washington, D.C later this month. No way I was driving anywhere with this headache... so Mike volunteered to take her.

Time for me to go -- I have to go hull strawberries and sugar them before dinner.

Here's hoping I have a stitching update for tomorrow.

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