Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another WIP: Stitcher Motif "Victoria's Quaker"

This is a motif from A Mon Ami Pierre's Victoria's Quaker.
I had wanted to try out a couple of Vikki Clayton's variegated silks to see how they'd work together -- so I chose the Stitcher Motif.
I think it looks quite nice -- but the scan does NOT do it justice at all.
The border is done in Mardi Gras and the stitcher is done in Rose Bush. At this point, I am a bit over halfway done and well on my way to my 8th finish for the year.
It's a wonder my fabric doesn't catch fire -- my needles are smokin'! I've even got another couple hours of Quaker Garden Sampler done today!
I'm going to try to finish this one tomorrow. I'm putting Confederate Pot Roast in the crock-pot -- so no dinner worries or hurries. And, it's supposed to rain (Lord, I pray that it does, we so need it!)... makes for good stitching weather!

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