Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stash Frenzy!

I've ordered a lot of stash the past few days!

A Lot!

Let's see... Three 9 X 13 pieces of Hand-dyed fabric from Silkweaver... all of the fabric, flosses, and beads for Scottish Castle Sampler... one piece of 30 ct. R&R Linen, one piece of 32 ct. Carnation Belfast...
Nearly 40 skeins of VC Silk... Five new charts: Salem Sisters (Plum Street Designs), American Star (Blackbird Designs), Infatuation, Haste Ye Back, and V is for Viper (The last three from Sheepish Designs).)...

Not to mention the fabric that's coming from Sugar Maple and Stab 'n' Stash.

Next week is really going to be fun!

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