Sunday, February 11, 2007

Coffee... stitching... blogs and such

More and more... I come to the computer in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and a desire to see what everyone's stitching. Not bitching mind you, STITCHING!

I've turned to stitching bloggers for inspiration as most of the "cross stitch" boards hosted by on-line needlework shops aren't really so much about stitching anymore.

Frankly... I don't care for hourly updates about people's pets and what box they've crawled into now... especially when it's the "pet" that's posted. I have a smart cat but, you know, she can't type.

I don't care about the minutiae of someone's office life (and I don't mean daily updates or occasional vents, either) -- I'm speaking of someone who's been known to post every couple hours!

I guess I'm also pretty tired of folks using cross-stitch message boards to post about scrapbooking, candle-making, card-making, etc. There are specialty message boards for those crafts. Use them! Why clog up the Stitching boards with non-needlework posts?

At least on the private message boards the forums are segregated: stitching here, off-topic there...

I think that's why stitching blogs are my best sources now. Oh, sure... people post about their personal lives and other crafts as well, but not to the exclusion of the very thing that draws us all together.

Coffee mug is empty -- rant over!

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