Sunday, December 03, 2006

Stitching Away...

Since we spent most of Saturday out and about, I spent most of last night stitching. I got a lot accomplished, too. I finished two more motifs on A New Beginning -- that's 19 complete of 32. I also started number 20, but I was exhausted and fell over around 1:00 a.m.

Today, I'll work on my quilt square angel. That's on 32 ct. evenweave and it's all done in one variegated floss, so it's an easy stitch.

I really want to put some stitches into House #2 (HoHRH) today. I can't foresee finishing that House by New Year's Eve, but I'm optimistic these days!

And They Sinned sits forlorn and neglected. I just have no interest in pulling it out these days. That's a shame, too. At this rate, it's going to take me 10 years to finish the bloody thing.

I went through my stash box yesterday morning. *sigh*
So many things I want to stitch -- plan to stitch -- and never get 'round to stitching because I've bought something new that's taken my fancy!

Oh, well. Such is the stitching life. Time for me to grab a hot cuppa coffee and get a needle in my hand!

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