Friday, December 01, 2006

December Goals

Oh, no! I don't really have many goals for December! I tried that last year and came down with a massive case of bronchitis that left me sick as dog and confined to my recliner for 8 weeks.

The ONLY finish I must make is the quilt square. Everything else is optional.

I did manage to make two goals for November: finishing both House #5 and Miss Mary Mack.

I can't believe it -- I have 13 finishes so far this year. I've never been so productive.

I rather seriously doubt that 2007 will see as many finishes as I'll have at least three BAPs in rotation: And They Sinned, HoHRH, & Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky all going at once. I'd really like to see all of them counted as finishes by the end of 2007.

I'll be ordering the silks for E&TLS soon. Since I already have the fabric and chart I can start as soon as the silks arrive. I'll probably order them mid-December for an early January start.

I'm at the half-way mark of A New Beginning and hope to call it a finish by New Year's Eve. Yes, that would be the perfect end to a wonderful stitching year.
And stitching is probably what I'll be doing on New year's Eve, too!

Ah, well, time to go. I'm getting my hair cut this weekend, Morgan and I are doing a Christmas Tea this evening, and I've a French Vanilla cake to bake for Mike. And the afternoon draws near.

Have a fun weekend!

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