Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's been a lovely day. The turkey is nestled comfortably in his roasting pan and the eggs are boiled and ready to be made into deviled eggs. I'll be making dressing (stuffing to the Yankees reading the blog) in a little while along with sweet potato souffle and green bean casserole. Oh, and giblet gravy!

I freely admit, that's a lot of food for just the four of us, but we'll be having left-overs tomorrow and that keeps me from having to cook.

Maybe... I'll even get a chance to sit and stitch a while tonight. 'Cause I sure didn't get that chance last night or this morning!

I just have to finish House #5 this weekend. I NEED to finish it! I doubt there are even 500 stitches left on it.

I'm making a change to Miss Mary Mack, too. Off with those too large dragonfly beads and on with some smaller beads. It just looked wrong and I couldn't stand it any longer.

I ordered some new silks from Vikki (so what else is new?) and now, I'll have enough variegated flosses so I won't have to repeat any colours on A New Beginning. The only repeat is the Jazz Blues -- I'm using that for my initials.

Okay... that's my Thanksgiving Day update -- I'm off to make deviled eggs and whatever else needs to be made.

Hope your day and your weekend is happy and safe and filled with floss.

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