Saturday, November 18, 2006

Stitching the day away!

I've spent most of today stitching. And most of the stitching devoted to A New Beginning.

I've got some new lovely silks from Vikki Clayton and did one motif in Blackberry. I thought at first that colour might be too "loud" or too dark, but it's worked out perfectly.

It's a welcome change from Miss Mary Mack as she is a bit dark and gloomy.

Tomorrow, I'll probably devote a few hours to Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. House #5 is near completion and I'll be very happy to get started on a new house on a different row.

I have shamefully neglected And The Sinned for a few weeks now. Maybe I have to be in the right frame of mind to pick that one up these days.

Gosh, and I haven't done much on St. Georges the last week or so, either.

Mike suggested I make a list of every project I want to finish. Uhm... okay.
That might take a while.

I know I have two HUGE projects coming up in the next year:
The Scottish Castle Sampler & Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky. Remembering that I must finish both ATS & HoHRH first.

And there are so many "small" projects that it all seems so impossible. I have Quaker Garden Sampler, Sampler House, and Westwinds all begging for my attention. How many others are there? I can't even count.

Maybe a list wouldn't be a bad idea, after all. At least I could keep count, right?
And... surely that would keep me from buying anything else... wouldn't it?

Yeah... sure it would!

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