Sunday, November 26, 2006

On the Border...

So... I'm working on finishing the border for Miss Mary Mack. That will leave filling in the bottom of her dress and a few words.

I took the dragonfly beads off -- they were just too darn big for the dress. Mike and I scoured Wally World and finally found some silver seed beads that'll just have to do right now.

After I finish this project... I know in my heart I should get back to And They Sinned. I really should try to get to the halfway mark before I begin working on
Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky. But I don't know -- I have to have E&TLS finished and framed by Mid-August in order to give it to my DD for her 15th Birthday.

Not to mention the fact that Quaker Garden Sampler, Sampler House, and Westwinds are just screaming at me.

I don't think I ever again want to try to rotate three BAPs (that's Big- Arsed- Projects for those of you new to this) at once.

One Big one and several small ones -- yeah -- that I can handle, but this is just a bit too much for me right now. I'm neglecting hell out of ATS. I haven't even finished Page One yet!

Let's see... as far as the BAPs go -- I have ATS, A New Beginning, & HoHRH in progress. With E&TLS and VoHRH in the wings.

I guess I really need to finish A New Beginning before January, too, so I can justify beginning E&TLS. That shouldn't be too difficult really -- as ANB works up so quickly. And you can readily see progress with every completed motif. I've done 18 of 32 so far.

I suppose I need to leave the blogging for tonight and get back to Miss Mary Mack -- I really, really, want to finish her up!

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