Sunday, November 26, 2006

Movie, stitching, trivia... long day!

My DD and I went to see The Queen on Saturday. We both loved it -- it was simply brilliant. Helen Mirren deserves an Oscar for her performance. We're thinking of going to see it again.

I worked on both A New Beginning & House #2 (HoHRH) last evening, then we all played the Lord of The Rings trivia game for a couple hours.

I was so exhausted from the weekend's happenings that I was actually in bed by eleven last night!

Now, I have to get everything ready for Christmas. We'll probably put the tree up next Saturday. There really won't be any stitching goals for December.
If I get to sit down with a needle in my hand -- terrific! If not, Oh well.

I do want to finish Miss Mary Mack before the end of the year. I am so close... but just can't muster enough desire right now.

That's what I should do today, I suppose. Just sit down with our gloomy Miss and get her done up right.

I Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

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