Thursday, November 09, 2006

Floss List for A New Beginning

I thought I'd list the silk colours I'm using for A New Beginning. I don't want to finish the project and then be unable to remember what colours I've used.

So far, Working top left across to the right:

1. Lavender & Rose (Fleur de Lis)
2. Blueberry Creme
3. Dandelion
4. Alpine
5. Okika
6. Wisteria (last motif on the top)
7. Autumn Leaves
8. Dragon Tears
9. Jazz Blues (my initials)

These are the other colours I plan on using:

Raspberry Sky, Cherry Blossom, Caribbean Eve, Briar Rose, Amber waves, Glatial, Lavender Creme, Rose Bush, Golden Peach, Raspberry Creme.

I may add a couple more... Vikki has some new colours!

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