Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is the project I'm working on now. It's from Sue Gastler of Abbey Lane Designs: A New Beginning.

I've subbed the darker, muted DMC colours for bright variegated silks from Vikki Clayton.

I look at this piece as both a celebration of Sue's life (she recently passed away) and as a tribute to my own recent discarding of the negativity surrounding me.

I feel much happier... much less stressed... and certainly less burdened that I did before. Sometimes, sweeping away the detritus of a negative situation can be an uplifting experience. It has been so for me.

I really feel like stitching again! And that's a good thing as I have a lot of stash to keep me busy.

That should keep me from buying anything new, shouldn't it?

It hasn't. I have an order in at Vikki's... and one coming soon to Elegant Stitch.

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