Monday, August 14, 2006

Washday Again!

This is Washday Again by Canterbury Designs. The fabric is Silkweaver's Sudden Storm (28 count Lugana) and the floss is Vikki Clayton's Dark Wisteria.

The colour is just beautiful against the lighter fabric.

I fell in love with this design at CATS in Hershey in 2005.
One booth at the show had this stitched up six ways to Sunday -- in every colour imaginable.
I managed to walk past the chart for two days... and then I just had to have it! I knew what colour fabric I wanted for it from the beginning... but finding the floss took a long time.
I finally came across the Dark Wisteria on Vikki's site... and I fell in love!

I wasn't going to start anything new -- but I'm very close to having the cloud finished on ATS, so I fell into temptation!

That's okay though... it was a soft landing!

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