Monday, August 07, 2006

The never-ending cloud

Finally, ALL of the pebble area of the cloud (ATS) is done -- leaving only the slate area to finish.

I feel like I will have cleared the first major hurdle of ATS when this is finally done.

I just don't know if I can sit down and stitch the slate area all at once without breaking the monotony with trips over to the vine now and then.

I'm going to hate doing all of that grass at the very bottom, but I can dread that later.

I've found a neat thistle to add to the piece. I'm going to remove some of that clutter in the area between the Cloud and the tree -- All of those hideous butterflies have got to go!

I'm taking a break... and don't know what to pick up when I go back to my needles and lamp: ATS? No... I can't face that cloud again tonight. HoHRH? No... don't want to start House #2 at night. Miss Mary Mack? Yeah... Miss Mary... I can put on The Two Towers... take a trip over to Helm's Deep and stitch to the rumblings of the Ents and chanting Uruk-Hai.

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