Friday, August 04, 2006

Long day -- lots of stitching!

It's been a very long day -- up at 8:00 a.m. -- after a short night (insomnia).

We brought my younger sister up today to spend some time with us. She brought her stitching and we've spent the day wacthing the LoTR Trilogy (we're just now getting to RoTK because we watched the Braves lose a game to the darn Reds).

I am almost finished with Garland Fair -- just three more motifs at the bottom and the lower right corner border. I'd probably be done now save for the fact that I had to rip out the bottom left corner border as I was one stitch off!

A N N O Y E D!

It will be nice to have this one done.

Because I SO want to get started on House #2 of HoHRH and finish the cloud on ATS
before I start work on A New Beginning or anything else for that matter. Oh... wait. I have to finish Miss Mary Mack, too!


There is every possibility that I have too many WIPs!

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