Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well... fooey.

I didn't finish Flax Fields last night. I had a wailing headache and eye strain, so I put it down.

Mike and I are off for an hour or so for a celebratory lunch -- when we get back, I'll settle down in front of the television and stitch while the race and, later, the Braves are playing.

I ***WILL*** finish it today. I just have the bottom part of the design to finish. I'll probably pick up Garland Fair and work on that later tonight. My goal is to have that one finished by this coming weekend.

After these two are done, I'll add A New Beginning and Washday Again to the rotation.
When those are complete, I'll add Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky in... I'm "hoping" to have that one done by August 2007 for my DD's 15th Birthday.

I hope.

So much to stitch... so much.

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