Monday, July 17, 2006

Good news... bad news...

The good news is that my Braves swept the San Diego Padres. The bad news is that the Mets beat the Cubs.

Also, I didn't finish Flax Fields.

I am so close. So close. I only have the light blue interior of the sign at the bottom of the design to fill in and I'll be done! Maybe I'll finish it off tonight -- maybe not.

I've got that one in my STASH SALE album -- it's a little bit wrinkled in one corner, but the chart area is untouched. I think Arkasha (our 4 month old Kitten) jumped on it while I was stitching.

I am just so tired tonight. I'm not sleepy, just tired. Long weekend.

I am eager to finish Garland Fair now. Also eager to get back to HoHRH. I have Village of Hawk Run Hollow now and have to be at least 1/2 done with Houses before I can even think of beginning Village.

ATS still needs a lot of work before I can say I've met my July goal for that one.

I set too many goals... my road to hell paved with WIPs and UFOs...

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