Friday, July 07, 2006

I succumbed.

I fell into temptation and started Miss Mary Mack last night! The border is easy and stitches up fairly quickly. Vikki Clayton's premium silk is... utterly fantastic!

I don't have enough to take a photo yet... Just the top and one side done so far... I stitched on it for about 2 hours last night.

I have several things I want to accomplish this weekend: Finish the "over one" section of Garland Fair... finish the first Pebble portion of the cloud on ATS... and work on the 1st house of HoHRH as well as more stitches into Miss Mary Mack.

My DD will be gone this weekend to her grand-dad's, so I should have plenty of quiet, free time.

I notice that I seem to get a lot accomplished when I'm stitching whilst watching the Braves play baseball. I need to keep that in mind for next season!

Time to stop writing and get myself in stitching mode... I've got a lot to do this weekend! Because, so help me, I want to meet at least ONE stitching goal for July

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