Monday, July 10, 2006

Another WIP: Miss Mary Mack

This is about 4 hours stitching time on La-D-Da's Miss Mary Mack. Using 32 ct. linen and Vikki Clayton's "spookier" version of Premium Inky Depths for the borders and the verse.
(Spookier becaue it was a dyeing mistake -- it's all purple and black with no blue dye at all! I love it, though!)

I'll be using the premium Inky Depths (with the blue) for Miss Mary Mack herself...

That's all I can do for today... I am worn out and my needles are smokin'.

Tomorrow, I'll go back to Garland Fair and Flax Fields.

I have two new projects I am itching to start (Washday Again and A New Beginning) -- but have decided I MUST finish two of these smaller wips first.

Flax Fields will be a quick stitch... and so will Garland Fair after the "over one" area is complete.


I'm off to that lovely LNS in dreamworld.

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