Friday, April 21, 2006

Midnight Ramblings

Finished my Aida project -- YIPPEE!!! This is one I designed myself and I'll post photos later on.

Aida is a struggle for me -- never have it liked since I started stitching on linen.

My sad discovery? I really don't like "A Most Noble Pursuit"
as much as I thought I did. There are only about 4 or 5 blocks I really like... so I don't see myself stitching that sampler as a whole. I'm really rather surprised by this -- I just loved it when I first saw the photos of it. Once it was in my hands, however... the reality of it set in and...

Ah, well. Just shortens my stitching time on it and I won't need as much fabric for it, either.

I have to get back on rotation this coming week. There's not a snowball's chance that I'll finish either goal on "ATS" or "HoHRH"... but I can make some progress on both "Washday Again" and "Garland Fair".

I love "Garland Fair" -- the Vikki Clayton "Blackberry" on the Dirty Linen is just gorgeous -- the colour just pops out at you.

I've started that one, but haven't worked on it in several days. The 'over one' is a bear.

I need to find a rather large piece of 32 ct. "Dirty" linen for Red Velvet Inspiration, I think. I love that colour and Vikki's Dragon Blood would make it snap. I may have to leave the colour choice to my DD, tho. After all, it's for her.

I've spent the last two days making up lists of all of my magazines to sell. I just don't stitch from magazines anymore. 14 years worth of collecting -- and only a few projects to show for it. Sad, eh?

Oh, well. More money to buy new stash.

That reminds me...
It's time to start "Miss Mary Mack".

Ah, well. A Stitcher's gotta do what a stitcher's gotta do...


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