Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekend Stitching Goals

I really shouldn't plan on stitching this weekend.

I am insomniac -- I'm grumpy, disorganized, and feeling rather out-of-sorts.

But, I'll give it a go. I want to start and *FINISH* a project I designed... I want to work on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow (I put about two hours into it yesterday) and I want to start Washday Again.

I have Washday Again all kitted up: 28 ct. Sudden Storm from Silkweaver... Dark Wisteria from Vikki Clayton Silks. It's going to look killer when it's finished!

I really want to start Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky... but I'm trying to hold off until either ATS or HoHRH is 1/2 complete.

"The best laid schemes o' mice and men... Gang aft a-gley"


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