Monday, March 27, 2006

Stitching Frenzy...

I can't stop stitching. This is not a complaint... more of a marvel, really. Usually, I can't START stitching.

But since mid-February, I've started and FINSIHED several projects:
Autumn Dragon, Be a Dragon, Passion Broderie, and Thistle Manor... Three of those finishes have come in March alone.

My fingers are blistered, my hands cramped, and needles are smoking.

I love it.

Oh... and I am about 3/5 done with Atelier de Brodeuse, which I started the same that night I finished Be a Dragon. All that's left is the Satin Stitch skirting and the words "My Stitching Room" at the bottom.

If I could put that same enthusiasm and effort into ATS and HoHRH -- I'd be done with both in no time.

I'm certainly going to try. Of course... I do have Washday Again all kitted up and ready to go... *evil grin*

Happy Stitching!


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