Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Life's a Stitch!

I've received a lot of stash this past week: NPI and Vicki Clayton Silks... A Most Noble Pursuit... fabric from Silkweaver... Linen from a friend. Expecting a chart from a Pal in Canada and an order of DMC from

Stash is good. It keeps me motivated. And I need that motivation at times.

I've been neglecting both ATS and HoHRH the past two weeks in favour of the small projects.

I've been stitching on Be A Dragon this morning. Working on the Dragon -- who is designed only in outline.

I've worked on Thistle Manor, too. I want to finish BOTH of those before starting Washday Again and Atelier Brodeuse. I have the Sudden Storm and Inky Depths ready for Washday Again and just got the silks and white linen for Atelier Brodeuse.

It's the reminding myself to keep advancing my progress on the BAPS (Big-arsed projects) that's giving me a fit these days.

I received A Most Noble Pursuit this week (Thank you Annie, Jessica, and Lois for the wonderful Customer Service!) -- Looking at it -- I wonder if I want to do it as one big sampler or a series of two each.


Ah, well. I've got plenty of time to decide as I refuse to begin another BAP until either ATS or HoHRH is finished. Hopefully, by the end of this decade.


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