Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sirens Call

I knew I should never have opened that box... I could feel the tension... the excitement... the danger...
Caution to the wind, I fearlessly dared to think I could resist temptation.
I heard voices... whispering... calling me to the edge of the abyss... sirens luring me to my fate...
I fell.

I made the mistake of diving into my stash box a couple days ago. Ostensibly, I was going to cull a few more things that I just won't ever stitch... but... instead pulled from the abyss a chart I've wanted to do for a few years...
Convent Lily. She was published in Issue #11 of (Christmas 2002) Cross Stitch Gold magazine.

The actual name of this artwork is Cloister-Lilies. Painted by Marie Spartali Stillman.

She's beautiful and she translated well to cross stitch.

I suppose, having attended a Convent School, that she does hold a special meaning for me.

Now my dilemma... do I add this now, while she is calling to me, or wait?
*sigh* What to do? I have so many BIG projects in the rotation already... but... she calls to me.

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