Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday morning ramble...

I was supposed to start Plymouth Sampler today. Unfortunately, I didn't gather the flosses in time and will have to wait until next week... thus throwing everything off...

Typical luck...

I'm going to work on HoHRH instead. I didn't get enough time on it last week anyway.

I am re-thinking adding Convent Lily to the rotation until I finish one of the BAPs. My time during the upcoming holidays will be short as it is. I have to start baking bread soon -- thank G_d it freezes well!

It's funny... I've always enjoyed stitching while cakes and pies and breads are baking... something about the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg and brown sugar makes me feel comfortable. I can wrap a blanket across my legs and stitch happily.

I've been told I can re-create that same feeling with candles... but I have two rambunctious kittens... Stitching by firelight is lovely... unless it's your house that's on fire. I'll stick to the real thing. After all, you can't eat the candles afterwards... but the brown-sugar cranberry bread is fairly tasty!

You know, every year I tell myself that I should stitch an ornament or two for Christmas gifts. Each year I forget all about it as I hate to part with things I've stitched up. I'm re-considering this... Maybe I should pick out a few designs from old JCS Ornament Issues and make small ornaments for next year... put the orts in to those small, clear plastic star or Christmas tree candy-holders, write Christmas 2006 on them. Add those to a basket of baked goodies... and Voila!

Heck... I could stitch a small ornament per month... Couldn't I?

That would sure take a weight off of both my mind and my wallet... Save the big ticket items for my DD. *big grin*

Ah, well. I have time to think on it.
Don't I?

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