Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's that time... of the season...

To start thinking of... Christmas Stitching. NOT!
It's something I rarely, if ever, do. Now, I love Christmas. I love to stitch. I've just never really put the two together for some reason.

I admit it... I don't really like to give my finished work away. Two years ago, I gave Mike's step-mom a piece that took me the better part of two years to complete. Not that it was a difficult piece to stitch, mind you. It was a difficult piece to finish!

It was the Wolf Moon adapted from a much larger piece featured in the old version of StitchWorld magazine. When I figure how how to post photos... ;) I'll show it to you!

I hated every stitch of it.

I stitched it on Navy Blue aida using DMC. Knowing what I know now, I should've done it on navy blue evenweave using WDW, GAST, or NN.

*sigh* Live and learn.

That said... it really was a struggle to give it up. I put so much time and energy and effort into my needlework that even pieces that I come to dislike are important to me.

So... I don't stitch for Christmas.

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