Wednesday, November 02, 2005

And They Sinned... more or less (Chapter One)

I am slowly but surely seeing a bit of progress on And They Sinned, a large design by Examplar Dames.

I'm stitching this on a lovely buttermilk-coloured 32 count Belfast. It works up fairly quickly when I actually sit myself down and put needle to fabric.

Putting needle to fabric... that's the hard part. I can find a thousand reasons NOT to stitch... Too many people in the Living room... TV's too loud... too late... too early... my hands are aching... the cat looked at me funny... You get the picture?

Tonight, however, I decided to sit down with it. It makes me happy to work on it. I love seeing the design take shape... love seeing the colours of the floss as they dance across the linen. *sigh* Then why don't I just keep going? I've no idea... Some days... I talk about stitching more than I stitch!

I'm going to work on it some more later tonight. I want to finish the centre angel in the top panel before I tackle that cloud...

I've plans to change the colour of the angel's dress... have the colour chosen, but can't remember the name of floss colour. I *think* it's blackberry...

Will update when I've started the cloud -- if it doesn't kill me...

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