Tuesday, August 20, 2013

She's still with us... Thank the Good Lord!

My youngest daughter, Morgan (aka Lizz) has been riding on the back of my Daddy's Trike since she was 15 or so... He bought her a Honda 950CC a few weeks ago.

Yesterday afternoon, she took a spill.  Locked the brakes to avoid a driver who stopped his car for no reason in the middle of the street.  Morgan came off the bike, tucked, and rolled.

To call it road rash is mild... she's banged up.  But thankfully, the Good Lord was watching.   Morgan's Guardian Angel is bruised and missing a few feathers.   No broken bones... no concussion.  She will heal.

I didn't become hysterical -- but I have cried -- with terror and also with great thankfulness.

Hold your children tight... kiss them... and hug them... and tell them that you love them.

We are very blessed to have Morgan still with us -- I pray for her safety daily.  God is good.



Vicky said...

Wow, so very very lucky. Soft hugs to Morgan and her mother also :)

Melissa said...

Holy cow! Very lucky! I hope she gets all healed up soon!