Thursday, April 19, 2012

My WISH LIST from the Online Needlework Show!

I have many! :) I'm so pleased to be stitching again... and I found so many designs that I love... here goes!


Halloween (the moon laughs) by Barbara Ana Designs

October 31 by Barbara Ana Designs

Lilies of the Field by Brenda E Kocher Designs

I honestly love EVERY design from Carousel Charts!

Paris Mandela by Chatelaine Designs

Roses of Paris by Chatelaine Designs

Needles Prayse by The Cross Stitch Guild

Art Deco Coffee by Cross Stitch Wonders

Keep Calm and Stitch On Pendant by Designs by Lisa

Keep Calm and Stitch On Fob by Designs by Lisa

Again, I just love all of these by Dessins DHC

Watch Dragon by Enchanting Lair

Another one! All the designs are fantastic! Handblessings Designs

Welcome to the Beach by Hinzeit

Shorebirds by Hinzeit

Love Letters: Fraktur by Ink Circles

Clef Bundle by Ink Circles

Love letters: Celtic by Ink Circles

Claddagh Needle Minder by Kelmscott Designs

Faithful Friends MN60) by Milady's Needle

The Birds and The Bees MN58) by Milady's Needle

Acorns and Apples (MN40) by Milady's Needle

A Quaker Prayer by My Big Toe

Great is They Faithfulness by My Big Toe

Tea Time by The Needle's Notion

SING (NYD20) by New York Dreamer Needleworks

A Home is not complete without a Cat (R-71) by Rovaris

Scissor fob kit by Rovaris

My Autumn Heart by Ship's Manor

Pumpkin Smarts by Ship's Manor

Again -- I love them all! Ship's Manor

Phat Cat Jazz Project Bag by Stitch a Gift

Irish Thoughts by Stitching Pretty Presents

Scottish House Sampler by Threads of Gold

Thistle Scissors from Uncommon Scissors

Tribal Penguin by White Willow Stitching

Tribal Cat by White Willow Stitching

Tribal Flamingo by White Willow Stitching

I told you I had a long list! :D

Any disappointments? Well... I was sad to see a few familiar faces didn't participate this Spring. And I was surprised at how few vendors offered a door prize. Overall, however, it was a great show and I found more items this year than ever before!

If you haven't visited the Online Needlework Show, I highly recommend that you do!


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