Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sick... and not stitching.

I've been sick -- Tuesday will make 4 weeks. Very long, unproductive weeks.

I've worked on Sunflowers and Crows a few times without making much progress. I'm just so exhausted from all of the coughing. Bronchitis is NOT my friend.

I wish everyone a Blessed Easter. Even if you don't celebrate this day -- I pray that your days are blessed and happy.



Kim said...

Happy Easter!
Sorry to hear you have been sick for so long Terri, surely it has to clear up soon?

stitch_days said...

How awful to be so sick that you aren't able to stitch (:
I can live with the chores piling up but it's no fun to not have any fun.
I hope you are feeling much better very soon.
Rita E in AZ

coral said...

aww Terry ((())) I know how you feel as my Peter suffers with bronchitis, he has to really look after himself during the cold months otherwise we are on never ending courses of antibiotics. Come on down to Easter lunch with us. menu is on my satrts again Monday....sigh

pam said...

So sorry you are not better. It is so difficult to deal with bronchitis. I pray you are healed from it soon. Fondle some stash- it always helps me

Trish said...

I knew you had been sick but I did not realize it had been this long! I hope you are feeling better soon.