Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ewe Alone: A good start

Slow start -- but a good start nonetheless!
I just put a couple of hours into it (Ewe Alone) tonight. I've been doing so many single-colour motifs that it takes me a while to get back into making so many colour-changes.
It's a fun stitch -- and it looks great on the Autumn Sunrise lugana.
You'll notice I didn't stitch the border -- I'm still deciding about that. I like it... but... still considering.
Hopefully, I'll make a bit more progress tomorrow! :)


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Great design. I love the fabric you are using for this. Happy stitching....Nancy

Karen said...

Terri, it's a small start but a start is a start! This is a lovely design; I'm looking forward to watching your progress!